We've said it before and we'll say it again: we’re living in the golden age of superhero television, and much of the genre's success can be traced back to the early victories of The CW’s Arrow. It started as a simple, grounded vigilante series and has since evolved into a genuinely enthralling, faithful adaptation of the Green Arrow comics. Casual audiences and die-hard comic book fans alike have become enamored with the story of Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen over the last four years, and we can likely assume that we will get at least one more season out of the landmark Emerald Archer's series.

That being said, Arrow experienced a fairly notable dip in quality during its third season, and has spent much of Season 4 trying to atone for those errors. While just about everyone would agree that Season 4 of Arrow marks a major improvement for the series, there’s still quite a few things that the show needs to fix before it can reclaim the glory of its early seasons. Is it still a good show? Yes. Can it be great? Most certainly. We’ve compiled a list of the seven things Arrow must do in order to improve itself; without further ado let’s get the ball rolling with No. 7…

Team Arrow
7.Cut Down On The Members of Team Arrow
The CW’s Arrow started as a show about Oliver Queen’s journey to become a fully-fledged hero; it has since grown into more of an ensemble series around a tight-knit team of crime fighters – rather than a singular loner. While we’ve generally appreciated that creative decision, Team Arrow has become decidedly overcrowded as Oliver brings more and more people into the fold. Unlike Team Flash, which has carved out neatly defined roles for every member of the ensemble, pretty much everyone on Team Arrow (minus Felicity) specializes in stealth and brute force. Even with one person guaranteed to go down by the end of the season, the membership of Team Arrow has become somewhat untenable. For future threats on the show to seem credible, Arrow will absolutely need to muster up the courage to take down some more of Oliver’s friends and family.

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