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Last night, CBS’ 60 Minutes dedicated a segment of the show to Andy Rooney, who passed away at the age of 92 on Friday. If you missed it, the ten minute video, which looks back at Rooney’s life and work, is available online and you can watch it here.

Rooney stepped down from role on 60 Minutes back in September. Those familiar with the program know he often weighed in with random thoughts on issues ranging from current events to day-to-day things. 60 Minutes’ segment goes through some of those moments and includes interview footage with Rooney. 60 Minutes’s Morley Safer calls Rooney America’s favorite Grouch-in-Chief, which is a title viewers would likely agree with. Andy himself might even approve, based on his down-to-earth way of looking at things.

For a man who lived as long and worked for as many years in television as Rooney did, ten minutes doesn't seem like a long time to cover the highlights of the man's career, but 60 Minutes did a nice job of summing Andy up in the segment. Check out the full segment below: