If you haven’t heard about Black Mirror, it’s time to wake up. This incredible British science-fiction series is going to go down in history books, and you need to get on board. The series began back in 2011 on the UK’s Channel 4, and only recently reached a US audience last year through DirecTV and now streamable through Netflix, but it has already gained critical-acclaim and a cult-following that insists that it probably is the best series ever.

Created and written by Charlie Brooker, the series is formatted as an anthology that tells a separate narrative with a separate cast in each episode. There are currently two seasons of three episodes each, and a Christmas Special that just released this year. The series explores disturbing concepts that very well could be glimpses into what’s to come. Each episode is dangerously relatable existing in a very near future. They’re timely and terrifying, but also beautiful and witty. And if that hasn’t convinced you yet, here are the 7 big reasons you need to start watching Black Mirror right away.

Jon Hamm Black Mirror
Celebrities Love It
Not only has the show driven critical-acclaim, winning an International Emmy for Best TV Mini-series in 2012, as well as a large fanbase, but also many celebrities have taken particular interest in the series. Legendary writer, Stephen King quickly became a fan, tweeting his own enthusiasm and appreciation for the series. Robert Downey Jr. was so impressed by “The Entire History of You” episode that he optioned the episode to potentially be made into a film by Warner Bros and his personal production company, Team Downey. Jon Hamm also professed his fandom, so much so that he ended up starring in this past Christmas Special.

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