With the exception of the corrupt businessmen and no-name criminals that Oliver Queen faced in the first episodes of Season 1, Arrow has done a tremendous job of featuring a variety of DC villains. Not only have they included most of Green Arrow's rogues gallery from the comics like Merlyn, lock King and Count Vertigo, but they've also grabbed villains from other corners of the DC universe to antagonize Starling City's archer, from Teen Titans villains Deathstroke and Brother Blood to the government sponsored Suicide Squad. This season the main antagonist is Ra's al Ghul, someone who has primarily fought Batman. Whether a villain belongs to a specific hero doesn't mater as long as that villain fits into Arrow's narrative. So don't think for one moment that Arrow will be running out of villains for Oliver and Team Arrow to face.

Arrow hasn't even begun to scratch the surface of bad guys to throw into the mix. So we've put together a list of comic villains that we feel would thrive in the dark world of Arrow. Whether they are deadly martial artists of favor brains over brawn, they all have something in common: they would give the Starling City vigilante a run for his money.

7. Maxwell Lord
7. Maxwell Lord
It’s been a while since Oliver went after a dangerous businessman, so why not one of the few that’s nearly defeated the DC superheroes on several occasions? Although he helped form the Justice League International in the 1980s, in recent years Maxwell is more famous as a villain, specifically for shooting Ted Kord in the head and for unleashing an army of OMACs (humans transformed into mindless cyborgs by a techno-virus) on the metahuman community. If those weren’t bad enough, his mind control powers are so strong that very few have been able to escape his influence, although they can have negative side effects on his body.

Even if Arrow leaves out his mental abilities, Maxwell’s resources alone make him a worthy adversary for Team Arrow. Earlier this season, Ray Palmer uncovered plans for the OMAC project on a Queen Consolidated hard drive, although the weapons on the blueprints were missile launchers, tanks and drones. Maxwell may have worked with the Queens on this project, and depending on how this particular plot goes, he may restart the project and use the weapons to target individuals he thinks are dangerous, including Starling City’s vigilante and Ray, one of his competitors.

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