The last three episodes of Arrow have basically served as one giant cliffhanger for the "Unthinkable" second season finale. "Seeing Red" saw a major character meet their demise (while another was born) before “City of Blood” released Deathstroke's super-soldiers to wreak havoc in Starling City and create this week's titular "Streets Of Fire." Can our heroes put out the flames? Not yet. Remember, cliffhanger. On to the penultimate installment's many nods to the DCU.

5. The Foes
Notice how I said Deathstroke's super-soldiers in the intro because "Streets of Fire" made it very clear that the masked mirakuru'd men they broke out of Iron Heights Penitentiary are no longer (if they ever were) 'Blood's Army.' Sorry, Brother Sebastian, it looks like you shouldn't have made a deal with the one-eyed devil. Especially one that's hopped up on super-serum and whole mission is about revenge. I mean, the dude keeps talking about (and sometimes to) a dead person. Speaking of Shado, it seemed like this episode was the first time that Isabel heard about of Slade's obsession. I wonder how that will sit with the character fashioned after Ravager? And since we're talking about the bad guys, this seems like as good a time as any to mention the Count, the Clock King and the triad, all foes Felicity referenced during her big pep talk.

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