Over the past five years, fans of The Walking Dead have seen some truly disgusting things on their televisions, and I don't just mean Carl going through puberty. Each season has delivered one ridiculously disgusting showcase of gore after another, from the walker in the well to the sun-melted zombies that were one with the asphalt. But that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Effects maestro Greg Nicotero and the rest of the show’s creative team have said over the years that they’re just as interested in delivering a more subtle evolution of decomposition in the walker population as they are in hitting the excesses of grossness. We’ve rounded up an example from each season of The Walking Dead – as well as the prequel-ish Fear the Walking Dead – to show how the franchise’s average walkers have gone from fairly “normal” to hideously decrepit over time, leaving out those with obvious physical injuries or ones drastically altered by extreme circumstances. And considering how horrifying things are already, we can’t wait to see what these things look like in Season 12.

fear the walking dead
Fear the Walking Dead
Fear the Walking Dead hasn’t officially kicked off yet on AMC, so it’s definitely possible that some of the newly infected zomboids will more sick and frightening than the former female seen above, whom one might not be blamed for accidentally hitting on at a bar where zombies are allowed. But as things go, this stabbing victim looks like she could still be a human, which does make things more worrisome as far as the plot goes, since normal people might not be able to tell who’s infected or not. But for horror hounds, this is just a hot girl with blood on her face.

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