Happy Halloween, everyone! While you're no doubt getting ready to paint the town red with blood and entrails, take a few minutes to relive some of the most haunting opening titles in television history. We all know that horror is having a resurgence on TV, and we're hoping that leads to more bone-jarring opening credit sequences. It's a glamorous life, no?

Here are 7 of the most disturbing and terrifying openings out there, serving as the perfect introductions for hundreds of madness-inspiring stories. It's no shock that many of them are from anthology series, since their broad approach is often the creepiest way to go about it. Enjoy, if you dare. Cue the Vincent Price laughter.

American Horror Story: Freak Show
American Horror Story has turned the creation of opening titles into an artform, with each season putting forth its own assortment of macabre imagery, bodily contortions, and hidden clues. But Freak Show will have hard time ever being topped as the most disturbing TV opening, either by this series or any other.

What Makes it so Scary: Are you kidding me? Stop-motion freak show performers, for one. And stop-motion clowns. Even that stop-motion carousel is nerve-tensing. If a Tool video did a bunch of hallucinogens and thereafter dedicated its life to only having nightmares, this is the 1-minute result of those efforts.

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