Halloween is just around the corner. Each year, some of our favorite programs bring us Halloween-themed episodes. Luckily enough, a good chunk of these episodes come with clever costumes. This year we’ve culled some of our favorite Halloween episodes of our favorite TV programs to bring you a quiz highlighting our favorite referential costumes.

Here’s how the quiz works. We’ll give you a still image, a show title, a character name, and a short hint. Figure out who each TV character is dressed as in your brain and click over to the next page to see if you’re right. There are 13 total characters to name, so keep an eye out, because some of them are listed in the same picture. While you are answering, keep track of your score and let us know how you did in the poll at the end.

Good luck. If you end up crushing the quiz, we totally advocate sneaking some candy out of the Halloween bowl to celebrate.

TV Show: How I Met Your Mother
Character: Barney Stinson
Brief Hint About The Costume: The poor character Barney is dressed up as meets a pretty terrible fate. Also, he’s black.


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