Spoilers for The Walking Dead are below.

Say you’re a fly buzzing around, and you find yourself caught up in a massive spider web that currently has over 1,000 starving arachnids heading your way. You would still have a better chance of surviving than 80% of the characters still breathing on The Walking Dead, a show that has proven time and again just how unpredictably dangerous the Eastern U.S. can be. Season 6 has been particularly devastating for the Alexandrians, and later the Saviors, and we are definitely going to have at least one more casualty (or 40) by the time the season finale’s credits roll. Here are 7 characters who could meet their maker during the remainder of Season 6, ranked by who is the most likely to say a blood-gurgled goodbye.

the walking dead
7. Glenn
When Season 3 of The Walking Dead premiered in 2012, fans of the source material already experienced the comic’s worst tragedy at that point (and possibly ever) when the monstrous Negan introduced himself by bashing Glenn’s skull to avenge the many deaths of his Saviors. It seemed like the show would be faithful to that scene, at least until Season 6 came along and faked Glenn’s death. He could still meet that bloody fate, though, since general speculation about Negan’s victim has come to include every other character, too. And anyway, why would Glenn get his first kill a few weeks ago, by murdering Saviors, just to have it go unchecked?

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