Despite not yet being two months old, The Flash has been an outstanding success for the CW, earning positive reviews and impressive ratings. He first spun out of Arrow to protect Central City, and manages to do it while balancing his day job as a forensic scientist. Flash has appeared in other shows, including the original 1990 live-action series and Justice League, but the 2014 series has opened up the world of the Scarlet Speedster to new viewers while also enticing hardcore comic book fans with its faithfulness to the source material and its embracing of the character's comic book roots. The show has already introduced characters like Captain Cold, General Wade Eiling and Gorilla Grodd, and having scored a full-season order, the series has much more Flash mythos to explore this TV season.

There are only two episodes left in 2014 after tonight’s episode, the first being the crossover with Arrow and the second introducing the Reverse-Flash, but have no fear! If you’re looking to get yourself a Flash fix during the winter break, there’s no place better to turn than the source material itself. Whether you’re a comic book fan who’s only now learning about The Flash or someone who has never picked up a comic book before, there are plenty of Flash offerings to check out, both old and new. So if you’re looking to read more Barry Allen adventures, here are a list of Flash stories you should check out, all of which can be found in collected editions or on Comixology.

8. Crisis On Infinite Earths
In 1985, DC decided to reset their 50 year-old continuity with the 12-issue miniseries Crisis of Infinite Earths. The story pitted heroes and villains across parallel Earths against the powerful Anti-Monitor, who attempted to destroy all of reality. As a result of their battle with the near-omnipotent being, the multiverse was destroyed and recreated as one universe, retconning many events in DC history as taking place in that one universe. Despite not being a Flash solo story, the miniseries featured one of Barry Allen’s greatest moments when he sacrificed his life to stop one of the Anti-Monitor’s attacks. His death ushered in a new era for Flash comics, specifically with his former sidekick Wally West taking up the Flash mantle. Considering that headline on the future newspaper at the end of the pilot, viewers may see Barry go through a similar crisis in the show.

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