Watch Justin Bieber Act Like A Jerk In His Deposition

There are few life situations more stressful than being at the center of a deposition. For hours, one or more lawyers fire off questions about anything and everything, whether it’s relevant to the investigation or not. The goal, at its most basic, is to get information, of course, but beyond that, it’s also to set the subject on edge. In theory, the more emotional the person is, the more likely they are to blurt out information that’s not in their best interest. Let the record show that strategy worked on Justin Bieber when he blurted out he takes Xanax illegally during the middle of a four-and-a-half hour deposition.

Various clips of the marathon question-and-answer have been posted throughout the day today on TMZ, and together, they paint the picture of a stupid, arrogant and frustrated kid who has no respect for the legal proceedings. As you can see in the above clip, a montage of his quippy, eff-you answers, the Biebs was having no part of answering any questions he didn’t think were pertinent to the case, nor was he willing to be civil for the sake of everyone getting along.

If nothing else, all of the videos going around are a good reminder of why celebrities are so willing to settle cases, even if they’re not in the wrong. Paula Deen’s entire empire crumbled after she admitted some less than flattering things in a deposition. It’s unlikely Bieber will suffer the same negative effects, but it certainly won’t help the reputation as a jerk he’s quickly acquiring.

The case in question that led to this deposition is one of several involving photographers. Basically, the singer went through a phase where he allegedly may have told his security guards to do whatever they needed to do to make sure people weren’t taking pictures of him. Some cameras were allegedly destroyed. Some threats were issued. Some people might have gotten roughed up, and long story short, we now have this ugly deposition to be amused by.

You can take a look at some more footage below…

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