There are few things more disappointing than emotionally investing in a brand new Fall TV show, only to watch it get cancelled before it even reaches the end of its first season. All that time spent suddenly feels wasted, and all that mental energy learning about the new characters seems pointless. Fortunately, between ratings, script orders and renewals, it’s possible to predict with some accuracy which shows are likely to make it over the long haul.

We've already gone over the shows most likely to get cancelled. This is a much happier list. If you’re watching any of the following shows, you should feel pretty good. All of them will almost certainly receive a complete first season, and a very high percentage of them will likely be back for Season 2 next year.

Limitless, CBS
With more than 11 million live viewers per episode and huge gains on DVR, Limitless appears to be a bit hit for CBS. The network already extended the initial episode order to include a full 22 this first season, and considering its solid 18-49 numbers for a station that sometimes struggles attracting younger viewers, the future is nothing but bright, especially for an adaptation of a mediocre Bradley Cooper movie.

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