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Limitless Is Getting Way More Episodes, Get The Details

While a lot of the networks are busy scrambling and trimming the episode orders of new freshman dramas, CBS seems to be a bit more immune. Over the weekend, the Eye Network announced that its freshman drama Limitless is accomplishing something that so many other shows this season have not: It’s getting its back nine order at the network. That’s right, fans of Limitless will be pleased to hear that the show will now feature 22 episodes this season.

While back nine orders are common for shows that are doing pretty well, getting way more episodes is a clear indicator that the network is behind a series. As long as the numbers stay solid heading into spring, Limitless should be sitting pretty for a second season, although it is too early to make an official declaration at this point. As it stands, CBS’ announcement notes that Limitless is the #2 new series among total viewers. It has been earning 11.43 million total viewers each week, and it is also doing pretty well with the 18-49 crowd and has also crushed out in terms of DVR viewing. The show increases by 79% each week after the DVR crowd is factored in.

The good numbers mean that Limitless has found a way to crush out in a particularly tough timeslot. Tuesdays at 10 are not always an easy airtime. Last year, for instance, saw ABC’s Forever get cancelled in that timeslot. In addition, Person of Interest was shuffled off to midseason after airing Tuesdays at 10.

Limitless is one of many remakes that are on the air or in the works this season. It’s based on the film of the same name starring Bradley Cooper. The TV version stars Jake McDorman as Brian Sinclair, a likable young man who isn’t very efficient at anything he tries. That is, until he’s introduced to NZT, a drug that helps to expand his horizons and make him proficient at all activities he attempts. Bradley Cooper is also reprising his role in Limitless, appearing as a powerful politician and Brian’s new mentor.

Limitless isn’t the first show to get a full-season order this fall. Over at ABC, Dr. Ken has crushed out on Friday nights, earning a full season. NBC’s Blindspot, ABC’s Quantico and Fox’s Rosewood have all earned more episodes on their respective channels. Those success stories are in direct opposition to a few other freshman dramas, as Fox’s Minority Report, NBC’s The Player and ABC’s Blood & Oil have all seen their episode counts trimmed down.

It should be stressed that we won’t know for a long time whether or not the networks will sign on for a second season of the freshman shows that are doing well. Those decisions frequently don’t get made until May. However, at least fans can live in comfort, knowing they’ll get at least 22 episodes of Limitless. As noted prior, you can catch new episodes of CBS' (opens in new tab) Limitless on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET. In addition, here’s what has yet to premiere this fall.

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