8 Things We'll Miss About Chris And Ann On Parks And Recreation

It’s the end of an era in Pawnee, Indiana, where the good folks in the Parks and Recreation department are forced to bid farewell to two of its most beloved community members. Sniff sniff. The time has unfortunately come: tonight on NBC, Chris Traeger and Ann Perkins will finally move to Michigan and it is literally the saddest day in the history of sad, television-related days. To pull a Liz Lemon on you all, we’re going to have to go talk to some food about this. Where’d you all put my waffles?

But as sad as we are, we can only imagine how utterly gutted poor Leslie Knope is in these hours leading up to her big best friend adieu bidding. So we’ve rounded up 8 gentle reminders of the good, treasure-worthy aspects of two of Pawnee’s finest citizens, even if they are leaving for stinky, stupid Michigan (sorry, Michigan).

How do we love thee, Chris and Ann? Let us count the ways…

Ann’s the Best Friend Leslie Could’ve Ever Asked For

Seriously — is there a better female friendship on television than Ann and Leslie? The duo’s best friendsie love blossomed right in the pilot of the series, when Leslie promised Ann she would turn that dreaded hole into a new park in Pawnee. From there it was only a matter of time before the two women stole our hearts with their hilarious and charming

She Has Her Priorities In Check

Food is everything — something her BFF Leslie knows all-too-well.

She Knows How Real Friends Act

We all have moments of weakness, but Ann has always been upfront with herself and Leslie when things have taken a turn in a wrong direction.

She’s Honest About How She Feels, Regardless of How Creepy it Sounds

The first step is always admitting the truth, regardless of how completely inappropriate it is, and going from there.

He’s Always Well-Informed

Chris will never go into something blind — not even his wife’s nipple care.

…Except When He’s Not, But He’s Secure in His Honesty

Because honesty is always the best policy, and Chris knows that things always work out for the best when you're up front about your own limits.

He’s Literally the Most Optimistic Person, Maybe Ever

No one has a better outlook on the world and its inhabitants than Chris Traeger. Literally no one.

And Did We Mention Positive? He’s Super Positive, Too

Chris Traeger is nothing if not positive all the time. He’ll lift you up even when you’re feeling the downest of downs and can put a silver lining on literally anything. Plus he understands the importance of knowing when to dance it out.

Fare thee well, Chris and Amy. Good luck with the baby and Michigan. We’re going to go grab some waffles and cry now, because Parks and Rec will not be the same in your absence.

GIF Credits: Uproxx [4]; Jenna-Maroney/Tumblr [2]; Daily Pawnee/Tumblr [2]