It’s been over two months since The Walking Dead killed off one of its characters, which is pretty incredible. Yeah, I know that it’s been on hiatus that whole time, but I think that’s largely just a technicality. This is a show that cuts actors off as quickly as they’re hired, and we can expect nothing different once Season 6 kicks back into high gear, and every happy moment is balanced by 347 dismal ones.

Here are 8 Walking Dead characters who could likely die in the remainder of Season 6, ranked by how likely the deadly outcomes will be. In the interest of transparency, I’ll say here that relatively unkillable choices like Rick and Carol aren’t here, and nor are several of Alexandria’s least-exciting citizens. Get your best post-apocalyptic graveyard-behind-the-house funeral attire fathered and read on, knowing that spoilers are coming.

 the walking dead
8. Morgan
No one on The Walking Dead is quite like Morgan, both from a personality standpoint and from a “how he’s been used in the narrative” standpoint. He went from emotionally-driven bit appearances to a more full-fledged role as Season 5 gave way to Season 6, and audiences have known him as both a near-psycho and a zen pacifist. It would be a bummer to watch him get shafted after seeing his backstory gets its own episode, but I don’t think this show can justify having a character who adheres to a “no killing” policy. We know that he and Carol have some issues that will likely get addressed in the coming months, and she is not against killing him if he becomes an obstacle.

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