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Adam Levine is on a roll; he’s sold his second project to NBC and is working his rocker cred again (wait, does Adam Levine have rocker cred?) to back his second music-based series. This one sold without the bidding war that his karaoke project set off back in the summer; NBC must have decided to get the peacock’s claws firmly planted in Levine, who is also on the network’s answer to Idol, The Voice.

According to Deadline, the new project is a drama based in the world of rock n’ roll, titled Awesome Splendor . That’s quite the name to live up to; the series will have to be not only awesome, but also splendid. And really, what rocker would ever use the word splendid? There aren’t many details on the show yet, so it’s anyone’s guess what area of the rock world will be the focus. Perhaps it will be about a pop-rock band front man who turns into a surprisingly successful television producer. Too obvious?

Levine’s other show with NBC is being advertised as a karaoke comedy. Set in a karaoke bar, the series will combine laughs with vocal performances. A musical comedy sitcom, it seems. Levine is also set to continue as a judge and contestant mentor on The Voice, where one of his mentored contestants was the winner last season.

It’s a good thing NBC loves him, because Levine sure isn’t getting along with Fox. He didn’t pull any punches on that subject when he tweeted a very strongly worded message to Fox News. Ah, to be a rock star.

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