Networks have been more open about what shows are going to be renewed for the 2016-2017 TV season, and they've been downright hostile about what series are getting axed and dropped off the schedule. The floodgates recently opened and networks bumped a ton of shows from their respective lineups. If you are having trouble keeping track of all the huge shows that were cancelled before this past weekend, we’ve compiled them for you, complete with handy links. Check them out, below.

If, however, you want to see all the shows that were cancelled after this list initially went up, head to our up-to-date list here. If you know a show is cancelled but it isn’t on either of these lists, that’s probably because it was cancelled a while ago. If you'd like to know the more longterm plans regarding the major channels, you can check out our network rundown of cancellations and renewals.

agent carter
Agent Carter, ABC
There were a lot of shows on the cancel/renew bubble this year, and probably the one with the most engaged fans was Agent Carter. The Marvel character has fans in both the movie and TV universes, and while the ratings show that a lot of those fans weren’t watching the ABC drama live, a lot of people will miss Peggy Carter sparring with Jarvis and being as spunky and assertive as possible. We’ll also miss Agent Carter tiding us over while Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is on hiatus. To find out more about ABC’s decision to drop the show after Season 2, head here.

The Grinder
The Grinder, Fox
Fox’s Tuesday night block was perfect this season. Throwing The Grinder into a lineup that already boasted New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine was positively delightful, but when you have younger-skewing comedies, people just aren’t watching live in the numbers they used to. While The Grinder kicked off to decent numbers last fall, those live numbers dropped throughout the season. By the end, The Grinder was only doing around a .6 rating in Live + Same day, which doesn’t make the cancellation any better for those who believed in the series. Now, The Grinder has ended. We’ve all been Velanced.

Galavant, ABC
ABC’s musical comedy Galavant did decently during its first season, although it was by no means a shoe-in for renewal at the time. It did earn a second season, but after the ratings dropped a bit in live numbers during Season 2, the show’s only hope seemed to be that the network liked it. Unfortunately, after Paul Lee left the network, there was no one left to champion the show. ABC ultimately decided to drop it, despite its fans. For more on why the decision may have been made, check out our cancellation article.

CSI: Cyber
CSI: Cyber, CBS
CSI: Cyber did not have poor ratings when compared to most of the shows on this list. However, it was doing poorly compared to a lot of CBS’ juggernaut dramas. Although it had a bit of a different premise than the other CSI dramas, it showed up in the schedule during a time when the nature of TV procedurals is changing quite a bit. CSI: Cyber didn’t have the same sort of pizzazz as something like Scorpion and that reflected in the ratings on Sunday nights. Even the addition of CSI’s Ted Danson couldn’t save this one. Still, it's the end of an era, for sure.

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