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Fans of All My Children and Sarah Michelle Gellar alike will want to check out this clip. The Ringer star has apparently returned to her roots, as she’s set to appear in tomorrow afternoon’s episode of the ABC soap opera.

Not being much of a soap fan, I won’t pretend to know much about Gellar’s character on AMC. I do know that the show was her first big role before she went on to claim fame as Sunnydale’s cute and resourceful vampire slayer. Tomorrow, she’ll be back on the soap, possibly playing her old role (or perhaps an evil twin). Whoever she’s playing, she seems a bit confused as she’s wheeled into Pine Valley Hospital, where she encounters Eva La Rue’s character Dr. maria Santos, whom she believes she’s met before.?

The episode will air on Wednesday, September 21st at 1:00 p.m. EST on ABC.

Image ©ABC