The Amazing Way Fuller House Is Explaining Michelle's Absence

90’s kids around the country are eagerly awaiting the Full House reboot aptly named Fuller House. While nostalgia is already filling our hearts, there is going to be a big part of the Tanner family missing- Michelle. The question is: how exactly is Fuller House going to address the complete lack of Olsen twins in the series? 

Well, the Fuller House folks handled it like a boss. In the show, Michelle won’t be seen because she is too busy living in New York City and working on her fashion empire. Sound familiar? That’s because that’s what Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen do in real life. Way to throw some shade Fuller House.

Us Magazine is also reporting that Fuller House will feature characters prank calling the adult Michelle and yelling her catchphrase of “you got it dude!” before hanging up.

I’ve got to say, how hilariously passive aggressive this approach to addressing Michelle’s absence in Fuller House really tickles me. I’m sure the showrunners wanted The Olsen twins to be a part of the series, as Michelle was the most popular character during its original run. But alas, neither one of the Olsens decided to take the acting job on the Netflix reboot. Probably because, yes, they have two fashion lines in the works at the moment. And also because they want to crush the dreams of every 90’s kid who grew up watching Full House, as well as the myriad of straight-to-VHS movies the twins starred in afterward.

Fuller House will air on Netflix in 2016, and it set to feature almost all of the original cast members. The new show will revolve around DJ, the eldest Tanner daughter (played by Candace Cameron Bure) who is recently widowed and struggling with her own grief, as well as raising her three sons. Luckily her sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy Gibbler decide to move in with her and help her raise the kids. Sound familiar?

While the three women will have starring roles, more original cast members will appear throughout the 13 episode season of Fuller House. Uncle Jesse himself, John Stamos, is producing the series, in addition to reprising his role. Lori Loughlin, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier will also make appearances as Rebecca, Danny, and Uncle Joey respectively.

I’ve got to say I am disappointed that Mary Kate and Ashley will be absent for this reboot. I still say “you got it dude” on almost a daily basis, and can still sit down and enjoy an episode of Full House on syndication. While selfishly I feel like the Olsens should have made an appearance, the two have both departed from acting years ago. While Mary Kate was active until 2012, Ashley’s last project was in 2004’s New York Minute.

But, while my disappointment is real, the passive-aggressive explanation for the lack of Michelle is an excellent consolation prize. Thanks Fuller House.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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