Why Candace Cameron Bure Started Crying On The Set Of Fuller House

Actors and actresses have a lot of gigs during their careers, but sometimes there are jobs that will stick with them for a long time. For actress Candace Cameron Bure, that impactful gift was Full House, the family-oriented sitcom that ran on ABC from 1987-1995. Recently, Bure revealed that when she returned to shoot the upcoming revival series Fuller House, she saw her former TV uncle, played by John Stamos, and immediately started crying. Here’s what she had to say about her return to the set and why she got so emotional.

I cried once I saw [John Stamos] on the stage. It just got more and more surreal, and it was like I can't believe we're back here. It was just emotional and overwhelming and beautiful.

The actress has called the return to Fuller House a “beautiful” experience, but there’s a lot more to it than that. It starts with the fact that the cast has been on good terms for years and even showed up to sing the theme song for Jeff Franklin’s birthday bash earlier this year. Then, John Stamos really started pushing for a revival of the series, and eventually Netflix caught wind of the potential project and decided that it had merit. Now, the show has officially been picked up, giving Bure the opportunity to experience that emotional crying moment she just talked about. The actress also told THR that seeing John Stamos on the set of Fuller House was a really weird sensation, too.

We're all just looking at each other going I can't believe... It's like weird that we're back together, and we're doing this again.

At this point, Fuller House has already been in production for a little while and John Stamos has even shared photos from the set. Most of the original cast has also committed to returning. Candace Cameron Bure (DJ), Andrea Barber (Kimmy) and Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie) will all star in the series, and various others from Full House's original cast members will pop up for small stints in the comedy, including Stamos’ Uncle Jesse, twins Nicky and Alex, Danny Tanner, Joey and more. It’s a modern take on the original show with a throwback twist, much like Girl Meets World on the Disney Channel.

Fuller House is set to premiere on Netflix in 2016. That's a ways away, but for now, you can check what else is coming up on the networks and streaming service, here. Or you can keep your fingers crossed that this new effort will somehow live up to the spectacular hype that can only from a beloved show being gone for twenty years, steadily running in syndication and making a triumphant return.

Jessica Rawden
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