Meet The Kid Fuller House Wants To Turn Into The Next Michelle Tanner

Fuller House will premiere on Netflix sometime in 2016, but the series is still getting together its cast at this juncture. This week, the show found the two actors who will be playing D.J.’s kids in Fuller House. One is Michael Campion. The other is a kid who will be playing the reboot’s version of Michelle Tanner. His name is Elias Harger and he’s super cute, although not as young as the Olsen twins were when they first hit the scene. You can check out the kid actor, below.


I know, adorable. This kid’s been around the block in the acting world already, although no one’s asked him to take a passport to Paris, yet. Before landing the role on Fuller House, he was in a few short films, including Popsy and Granny. In the show, Harger will be playing Max, D.J.’s younger son who before casting was expected to be a tech whiz. As the little one, we also expect him to have plenty of catchphrases.

In addition to new-Michelle, here’s a look at Michael Campion.


Campion’s credits include Robo-Dog and he seems to have a little more acting experience than his little brother on the upcoming show. For Fuller House, TV Line reports Campion will be playing the oldest sibling Jackson. And since this show is all about being goofy, he’ll have the nickname J.D. Get it? Because his mom is D.J.? We know, too cute to function. Earlier reports indicated that Jackson will be rambunctious and will be dealing poorly with the loss of his dad, who will be dead at the start of the series. The two boys will be raised by their single mom with the help of their Aunt Stephanie and their mom’s gal pal Kimmy.

The two boys will be newbies in a cast that is mostly filled with veteran actors and actresses, including Cameron Candace Bure, Andrea Barber, Jodie Sweetin, Lori Loughlin, John Stamos, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, among others. There will be a few new faces, however. A few months ago, casting information revealed that Danny Tanner will have remarried during the time since Full House went off of the air. His new wife, Teri, will be played by CSI: Miami actress Eva LaRue.

Netflix hasn’t announced an official premiere date for Fuller House, yet, but you can be sure as soon as it happens we will let you know. For now, here’s what new TV is coming up this fall.

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