American Horror Story: Hotel Brought A Season 3 Character Back For An Awesomely Bloody Crossover

Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t yet watched American Horror Story: Hotel’s latest episode.

Tonight’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel was just as uneven and randomly cobbled together as many other episodes from this season, but as the penultimate installment, it was tasked with taking viewers down the road to a conclusion. And while we got to witness the ashy demise of Matt Bomer’s Donovan and the bullet-ridden death of Lady Gaga’s Countess, the best scene in the episode was actually a wonderful callback to Season 3, Coven, and brought Gabourey Sidibe’s Queenie the Human Voodoo Doll in for a sweet little “fight” with Angela Bassett’s bloodthirsty Ramona Royale. All crossovers on this show should be so enjoyable.

When Sidibe popped up in the trailer following the pre-hiatus episode last month, it was a cheer-worthy moment, but it wasn’t clear whether she was going to reprise the role of Queenie or enter the Hotel Cortez as a completely new character. Thankfully, it didn’t take too long for her identity to be revealed. Liz and Iris attempted to use her as bait for Ramona, who was finally released from her in-hotel exile after feeding on everyone else trapped in the walled-off wing. But no one was expecting the Spanish Inquisition this new guest to turn the tables (albeit temporarily) with her bewitching powers.

Ramona had no idea what was happening as every attempt to attack Queenie only managed to inflict pain to herself, certainly not something the bloodsuckers on this show had ever seen before. I admittedly could watch hours of Queenie slapping and injuring herself as a way to take down others, and this was about a physically demanding a scene as one could have hoped for from the actresses.

Unfortunately, Queenie won't ever get to go on vacation again, at this hotel or any other one, as Mr. March took it upon himself to enter the fight and stab Queenie to death. Seeing as he's a ghost and not a real person, her pain had nowhere else to go, and so her demise came in the form of Ramona's latest and greatest meal. Ketchup and utensils not needed.

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And yes, the best part was definitely her Price is Right quote getting interrupted by Mr. March's blade. I love when American Horror Story manages to mix comedy and terror together in a moment this absurdly. Sidibe also popped up in Freak Show for a recurring role, but it was nowhere near as enjoyable as this crossover. And so does this mean we'll be seeing an undead Queenie roaming the halls in next week's season finale, or was it her last hurrah? I'm hoping for the former.

There are still a few threads left for American Horror Story: Hotel to tie up next week, with John the Ten Commandments Killer finishing his master plan and Countess getting accustomed to the other side of hotel life. Plus, let's not forget that Sarah Paulson will be pulling double duty as the Murder House psychic.

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