American Horror Story: Hotel Is About To Give Us The Most Awesome Crossover Yet

Spoilers for American Horror Story: Hotel are below, for those who aren’t fully checked in.

Ever since it was revealed by Ryan Murphy that all of the seasons of American Horror Story are connected, the anthology series hasn’t let audiences forget it, and we’ve seen several callbacks and returning characters entering the fold over the past couple of years. Hotel is gearing up to reach back into Season 1 to bring back the psychic Billie Dean Howard, which means we might get to see Sarah Paulson as two different characters in the same scene! And without them having the same body!

Audiences can look forward to seeing Billie Dean in the season finale of American Horror Story: Hotel, which will air in just over a month. Her entrance is pretty interesting, as it’s revealed she now has her own reality series centered on her psychic abilities, according to EW. And as you can imagine, she thinks it would be a good move for her show to visit the Hotel Cortez so that she can…well, do whatever it is that she does as a medium. I’m guessing she’ll either get more than she bargained for or everyone else will be dead by that point and it will be a bust.


Honestly, Billie Dean was one of my least favorite characters from Murder House, because she was something of a self-important snot. So if she happens to visit the Cortez and gets into some trouble that doesn’t allow her to leave the premises alive, I’d be perfectly fine with it. In fact, how amazing would it be to see Paulsen’s Hypodermic Sally be the person that kills off Billie Dean? I’ve set myself up for major disappointment if anything else besides that happens.

American Horror Story: Hotelhas already called back to Season 1 multiple times in the past 8 episodes. First, we got to see Marcy (played by Christine Estabrook) show up in two episodes as the realtor getting the Cortez to a new owner. Then one of Countess’ flashbacks took us back to the Murder House itself, where Dr. Montgomery tried to perform an abortion and got an abomination instead. Still no Jessica Lange, though.

Now that we know who the Ten Commandments Killer is, it looks like the show will need to start wrapping up some other loose ends in the coming weeks. American Horror Story: Hotel will air for the next two Wednesday nights before taking a brief hiatus for the holidays. It will return to FX on Wednesday, January 6, with the Billie Dean finale airing on January 20.

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