American Horror Story: Hotel Just Ended On One Hell Of A Crazy Cliffhanger

Spoilers below for the latest episode of American Horror Story: Hotel.

A series known for its envelope-pushing visuals, American Horror Story has delivered a ton of memorable moments throughout the years. But somehow, few have been as pleasing to the eyes as the final shot from “She Gets Revenge,” in which Liz and Iris bust in on Countess and Donovan with guns blazing. We’ll talk about how cool that bit was in a second, as it’s probably more important to talk about how that ending implied that the undead former lovers have been shot to death. This can’t be real, right?

Well, probably not, as there are still two episodes left to this season, and Countess is the narrative point that everything else revolves around. If she dies, it’ll probably be in the very last shot, and it’ll be on her own terms. I’m sure she would rather die a thousand deaths by her own hand than be killed by Iris and Liz, although they certainly deserve to be the ones to put Countess out of her their misery. She’s part of the reason why both characters set up a suicide pact earlier in the episode, and their thirst for revenge against Countess and Donovan is what drove them to bring the bullets.

Plus, the preview for next week’s episode showed Countess standing in an elevator. While this could absolutely come from a flashback or something else along those lines, I’m pretty sure we’ll see the Golden Globe nominee Lady Gaga doing more harm than good in the next two episodes.

I can’t have that much confidence in Donovan living through that shootout, though. His days have been numbered for a while now, as he’s been moping and plotting and wheel-spinning. Now that he killed Countess’ beloved Rudolph Valentino and totally fucked up her head, there’s not much left for him to do but serve as a last act of vengeance for Iris. Plus, he was all ready for Countess to kill/free him at that moment anyway. I’m saying goodbye right now, and I’ll be kind of disgusted if he lives on, much as I love Matt Bomer.

But seriously, though, how awesome was it to see Liz and Iris busting through those doors like they just stepped out of a Tarantino movie, guns forward and hammers popping? While I’m the world’s biggest non-fan of Drake’s ”Hotline Bling,” it was kind of a perfect soundtrack to the moment, just as it was minutes earlier when Donovan was dancing around to it. Now I need these guys to jump out of the American Horror Story universe for a Thelma and Louise-type feature.


American Horror Story: Hotel will return, with or without Donovan and Countess in the land of the living (or whatever land the undead belongs to), on Wednesday, January 6.

Nick Venable
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