American Horror Story Unleashes A New Batch Of Creepy Images

Whether it works or not, the second season of American Horror Story is going to be a fascinating TV experiment. Let's face it, there aren't many successful shows that go into their second season having jettisoned many of its leads, or recast them in different roles. This is definitely thinking outside the (demonic puzzle) box here. Regardless of what season 2 holds, there's one safe bet: it's probably going to creep you the hell out. Just take a look at these new AHS images. I don't know what they did to upset the albino devil nun, but could they please knock it off already?

That's just unnerving. But you know, just because she's stark white and cries what appear to be shredded lace stockings out of her coal-black eyes, that doesn't make her a bad per--GAH WHAT IS THAT?

I don't even know what that supposed to be a straight jacket wrapped around a table? Is the creepy dude supposed to be coming out of white liquid? White latex? White liquid latex? All I know is that I don't approve of it and if somebody could zip that sucker up before that thing gets all the way out that would be great thanks.

The new images popped up over at EW, and you can see two more of them over there. The two remaining pics are related to earlier AHS promo shots or videos we've seen recently, including the freaky upside-down stairway crawl.

American Horror Story: Asylum returns to FX on October 17th.