If you’ve been keeping up with American Horror Story: Asylum's promotional stuff for Season 2, you’ve probably seen some of the eerie footage being released through some very short videos. While the newest two previews offer us a few scary images, we are still worlds away from learning anything substantial from the short clips. Still, they offer enough to keep the viewer interested, and extremely creeped out.

The first video follows the same nun we have seen in another preview video. She’s dressed in white and heading up the stairs. As she does so, a contorted creature crawls underneath her in the underbelly of the stairwell. I’m not certain whether the nun or the contortionist give me the heebie jeebies more.

The second video starts out looking like an artsy recording of a flower blooming, but it also tries a bigger scare tactic than any of the other teasers thus far. I won’t ruin the moment for you, so you will just have to take a peek.

American Horror Story: Asylum has been doing a lot of groundwork to gear up for its new season. First, producers decided on a big name change that more directly speaks to the setting for Season 2. Then, they released a bunch of videos similar to the ones in this post. We’ve seen an awful lot of nuns, a strange bath, and even some weird fleshy stuff, but so far, nothing has really explained much about what the new season will entail. It almost seems as if these previews are leading up to something bigger, and I can't wait to see what that could potentially be.

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