American Idol Results: Season 11 - Top 7 Elimination

With just seven remaining contestants left to vocally duke it out in the eleventh season of American Idol, the group’s looking much smaller. Tonight may see the group shrink even further, unless the judges decide to use that save they’ve been sitting on...

“What’s the vibe” tonight? The party got started with a group rendition of Pink’s “Raise Your Glass,” a song that may soon be joined by Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know” on the unwritten list of catchy tunes that eventually went on to be absolutely everywhere... and eventually overplayed. Ryan Seacrest managed to turn the group song into a Coke commercial at the very end, raising a bright red cup. And this was followed up by a Ford commercial... then more commercials. Then the Ford commercial barely disguised as a music video. Drink Coke. Drive a Ford. Etc.

Other filler included performances by former Idol contestant James Durbin, and Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo and Rick Ross. The recently married Durbin appears to have been working on his rock image, and he’s gone blonde. He sounded good and seemed rightfully excited about the start of his tour. Meanwhile, Jennifer Hudson came out looking stunning and sounding better than ever, accompanied by Ne-Yo.

Now, on to the results. Rather than sending people to safety or Bottom-3-ville, Ryan separated the contestants into two groups, dividing them in half and making all of them wait to find out which was the bottom group. Here's how things shook out...






Bottom 3


Elise - SAFE

Joshua - SAFE

Randy and Jimmy were both in agreement that America got it wrong with tonight's Bottom 3. Steven already said they're going to use their save tonight, which kind of kills the suspense. Joshua is the first to get sent to safety. Elise was then sent to safety, leaving Jessica to sing for the Save Steven sort of already committed to... But will it be unanimous? Jennifer Lopez cut Jessica off mid-song and announced they were going to use the save. It was dramatic, and it also saved the show from running over, which worked out nicely. The judges still had another couple of rounds to use the save. They had to use it by Top 5. And now it looks like Jessica's getting it. So there's no elimination tonight. And if you're a Jessica fan, be sure to vote extra next week to keep her around!

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