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The Annoying Orange Webseries Is Being Turned Into A TV Program

Cartoon Network is hopping back into the realm of talking food. The anthropomorphic Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad have been gracing CN’s late night programming, Adult Swim, for over a decade, but now it may be time to pass the torch. To fruit, of all manner of fodder.

Cartoon Network has obtained the rights to popular webseries The Annoying Orange. If you were wondering how quick little episodes featuring an orange heckling another fruit before that fruit is destroyed could translate into a full half hour of television, have no fear. Apparently Co-creators of the show Dane Boedigheimer, the original web series dude, and Tom Sheppard (Pinky and the Brain) have come up with a genius plan involving time travel. Deadline is reporting Orange, along with his arch nemesis Grapefruit and his lovely friends Pear, Passion Fruit, Apple, and Marshmallow will hop on a fruit cart, enabling them to go on adventures through time. Conrad Vernon, Gary Binkow, and Dan Weinstein are on board to produce.

The Annoying Orange is in the top most subscribed channels on YouTube and its collective videos have racked up over 850 million views, so it should have no lack in fans when it first airs. The true testament of whether the show will be a success will have more to do with its animation and reformatting for TV. Currently, I can’t handle Orange's creepy, big toothed smile for more than one segment before I get totally skeeved out. You can check out a little bit of what Orange is like in the video, below, or head over to YouTube.