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We’ve known for a while that Netflix is excited about producing another set of Arrested Development episodes to air on the streaming service. This week, Arrested Development producer Brian Grazer spoke out to say that more episodes of the cult series are in the cards. In fact, it looks as if a lot more episodes of the cult series will be heading to Netflix. Here’s what Grazer had to say on the subject to prolific interviewer and journalist Bill Simmons.
People are loyal to Arrested Development, and we’re going to do another 17 episodes. So, stay tuned for Arrested Development.

We may have known that Netflix wants to produce more episodes of Arrested Development, but quite frankly, that quote is huge. Season 3, which aired on Fox nearly a decade ago, only nabbed a 13-episode order. When Arrested Development moved to Netflix in 2013, the streaming service signed on for 15 episodes. Now, it looks as if the company will be upping its game even more. Seventeen episodes may not be a lot for network television, but it's certainly a big number for a streaming show.

Unfortunately, we still have no idea when Arrested Development Season 5 will be coming together. The closest we’ve come to learning when the gang will be back happened eight months ago, when Sarandos stated that Season 5 will happen eventually. In addition, Netflix and Brian Grazer have already been in talks regarding a new season, which is presumedly where the producer's episode number comes from. The rumor mill has even still been reporting the possibility of an Arrested Development movie, although we’re still holding our breath on that one ever happening.

Confirming 17 episodes to Bill Simmons seems as if Season 5 is a step closer to actually happening, although there will be sure to be hurdles. That includes coordinating the schedules of the likes of Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, David Cross, Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter and more. I wouldn’t be surprised if the series continued the trend of featuring a particular character each episode to make the scheduling work.

Grazer’s big quote is part of a larger interview from Grantland, where Grazer sat down to talk about some of the other projects he is involved in, including Empire, which has become a cultural phenomenon on Fox this TV season. If you want to learn more about Grazer’s work in the entertainment industry, you can check out the full interview, below.

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