Pretty much everything we have to look at related to next week’s episode of Arrow points to this being a very Laurel-centric episode. She’s all over the above preview, and the photos for the episode hint that she’s getting herself into all kinds of trouble.

In all fairness, Laurel’s made herself a target due to her justified suspicions of Sebastian Blood. The preview indicates that Slade wants her taken care of, but how? These photos from next week’s Arrow episode (“Blind Spot”) may give us some clues. It's possible that the law might be involved:


Looks like a bottle of pills might factor into this?


But then there’s this pic, which looks like a different kind of situation entirely. Those don't look like cops…


It also looks like Laurel will be interacting with Arrow and Oliver at some point…



I really hope no one gets teary-eyed in the above scene. They both look kind of defensive.

Moving on to Blood, it looks like he’s paying Maya Resik a visit…


Check out more photos from the episode in the gallery below! And read Jesse’s DC easter egg breakdown for last night’s “Blast Radius” episode here.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. Et on The CW.

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