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Arrow 'The Man Under The Hood' Trailer: A Closer Look Offers Big Clues

Spoilers if you haven't seen last night's "Deathstroke" episode of Arrow!

We have two weeks to wait for the return of Arrow for its last handful of episodes. That starts with the April 16 episode, "The Man Under the Hood." Yesterday, we shared the trailer, some photos and a description that gave us a ballpark idea of what would be happening in the episode. Today, we're looking closer at CW's 30-second trailer, and we found some very interesting clues about "The Man Under the Hood," including what may be the next stage in Slade's plan.

First up, it looks like Felicity's putting her neck on the line...


From the sound of it, she volunteered to go somewhere, though she didn't think Oliver would actually go along with it. I'm going to guess that there's something high-tech involved in whatever they're doing and only Felicity knows how to handle it? Just a thought. Meanwhile, this might give us an indication of where they're headed. Again, just speculation. Trailers can be tricky with their timelines, but we know Oliver ends up at some lab where it looks like Slade has the prisoners laid out and there are tubes of green fluid -- mirakuru -- pumping into them.


But as I pointed out yesterday, when we were looking at a closer shot of that room, there are red tubes among the green ones. I wondered if that might be blood. And in the back of my mind, it occurred to me that maybe Slade found a way to help these prisoners accept the mirakuru. And whose blood might work for something like that?


We can't see the face of the guy in the center, but I'd say there's a very good chance that it's Roy. The hair looks close enough and we even get one quick glimpse of Roy here...


Either he's tanning, or this is a close-up shot of him hooked up to that machine. But his arms are down so maybe not?

We also have some unfamiliar faces flashing through the trailer...



UPDATE: Crediting commenter Kittyrock291 for suggesting these might be the expected Flash pilot character appearances. Looks like a good possibility as we can see the "Star" in the background of one of those scenes!

And then there's Laurel. She knows that Oliver's "the man under the hood" now. Or at the very least, she knows Slade told her as much. But maybe she's not sure she believes it yet...


Some of the paper clippings that flashed on the screen indicate that she may be looking closely at the press that covered the Hood since Oliver's return...


As for Sara, I'm still guessing these fight scenes between her and Slade happen at the start of the episode when he shows up at Oliver's lair...


And it looks like she'll be a part of whatever mission Oliver and Felicity are embarking on...


We also know that Isabel's still around and causing problems...


Who's she pointing her gun at, though?

And what exactly is happening here?

Oliver pain

Or here?

Prison beating

I'm worried that's Quentin. He is in jail, after all, right?

We have time to obsess over these things for the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can read our breakdown of last night's "Deathstroke" here! And read the full description for "The Man Under the Hood" here.

Arrow airs Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Et on CW.

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