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Spoilers for Arrow Season 4 are below.

After years of watching Oliver Queen suffer through one tragedy after another – in timelines both present and past – Season 4 finally gave the guy a little bit of happiness. That was mostly apparent in his love life, as Oliver and Felicity were seemingly well on their way to matrimony, if only tragedy hadn’t stopped by. The trailer for the next new episode of Arrow plays up that tragedy and tries damned hard to make us believe Felicity is in that grave we’ve been wondering about.
Eesh. For a quick refresher, the midseason finale last week saw Oliver and Felicity finally get engaged, but the happiness was cut short by the bullets shot into Oliver’s limo by Damien Darhk’s men. Felicity was seemingly seriously wounded, and she had blood coming out of her mouth the last time we saw her. Y’all know what blood coming out of the mouth means! The promo above confirms the aftermath of that attack is at the forefront of its midseason premiere, “Blood Debts.” But does that mean Felicity dies?

Awards should be given for the amount of head-nailing that this trailer brings in under 20 seconds. It sets Felicity up for a difficult time in the hospital, and it has Oliver vowing for revenge in the most fatalistic way possible; neither of those things takes leaps of logic to comprehend why it’s there. But then there’s that shot of the grave, which cements the connection between this event and that flash-forward. Also not surprising, really, but still interesting.

Unless some edit-cheating is happening here, the trailer seems to say that it will only be one of two people in that grave: Felicity or 0amien Darhk, The sadness obviously points to Felicity, but maybe it’s Darhk and he’s reflecting on the horrors the big bad put him and his family through. I mean, we’ve still assumedly got a whole half-season to go of Darhk’s villainy, so his wrath has not been vanquished yet. But Oliver now knows it’s his responsibility to take the mystic murderer out of commission, and he may have more sacrifices to make before that’s done.

Will we get to meet Felicity’s father while she’s in the hospital? Keep yourself a good stock of eggnog arrows around, as we’ll be waiting for answers until January 20 for Arrow to return for Season 4 on The CW. Let us know what you guys think below.
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