Arrow's Stephen Amell Reveals His Best On-Screen Kiss As Oliver Queen

When Green Arrow isn’t busy brooding, shooting arrows at criminals, or flashing back to his time trapped on a hellish island, then he’s usually getting some smooches. Actor Stephen Amell has gotten to date quite a few women as Oliver Queen on CW’s Arrow. While I’m sure that each of them were pretty good, someone finally got the courage to ask Amell who was his best on-screen kiss partner.

Stephen Amell spoke with ET on the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards – he’ll be presenting the Best Kiss award – where he was asked who his best onscreen kiss was with. After first saying jokingly “Will Arnett,” the Arrow actor said:

It would probably be Emily Bett Rickards. She's a good kisser. There's always a nervous energy when you kiss somebody, and we had known each other and are such good friends before in such a platonic, non-romantic way. It instills some of the nerves that are needed, that make a good kiss.

Emily Bett Rickards plays Felicity, the hacker of the team and Oliver Queen’s love interest. The two formed a relationship at the end of last season, but said relationship has hit some recent rough patches; let’s just say he won’t be getting some of those kisses any time soon.

Some other notable partners have been Laurel Lance, the Black Canary (Katie Cassidy), and her sister Sara Lance (Caity Lotz). Yeah, that’s right. He dated both sisters and it was at the same time. Then he took one on a boat trip and then a storm capsized them, so she died while he got stranded on an island for five years. Let's just say when he comes back he had some real explaining to do. Don’t worry, none of this is a spoiler; it’s all backstory for the first episode.


The pairing of Oliver and Felicity is called “Olicity” and it has…not a great following. Their relationship drama can take a lot of focus away from the much bigger plot points and it has a tendency to overshadow just about anything else. Plus, the reason they are having problems is somewhat contrived and you can tell its drama for the sake of having drama; it doesn’t feel very organic at all. As a longtime viewer of Arrow, I know that this sort of drama is normal, especially for a show on basic cable, but this time it’s particularly bad.

Arrow follows the DC Comics character the Green Arrow, and his mission to clean up his hometown Star City. Oliver Queen used to be a spoiled playboy before he becomes stranded on a hellish island and is presumed dead. After surviving for five years, he returns to home with a mission to become a better person and protect the city he loves. He’s essentially Batman, but a little happier and he uses a bow and arrow.

You can next see Stephen Amell as Casey Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, which hits theaters June 3, 2016.

Matt Wood

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