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Arrow's Suicide Squad Comes Together In Two New Photos

As a show, Arrow has been getting better and better as its progressed, and one area in which it has gotten particularly good is the final minute reveals. Pretty much every episode ends with some form of surprise reveal, and while some of them are more insignificant than others, some of them are huge and a ton of fun to speculate about. One of the best in recent memory came during the last minutes of the episode "Tremors" in late January, when it was revealed that government official Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) was going around recruiting villains for a special "squad." Comic book fans, of course, recognized this as a reference to the group known as the Suicide Squad, and today Comic Book Resources has debuted our first look at the unit., which you can see both above and below.

Arrow Suicide Squad

In case you don't recognize all of the actors and their characters in the top image, from left to right is Michael Jai White as Ben Turner (Bronze Tiger), Sean Maher as Mark Scheffer (Shrapnel), Addai-Robinson as Amanda Waller, Michael Rowe as Floyd Lawton (Deadshot), Audrey Marie Anderson as Lyla Michaels, and David Ramsey as John Diggle. The team will be coming together in an episode specifically titled "Suicide Squad," which is scheduled to air on March 19th in Arrow's usual time slot. Speaking about what we can expect from the plot of the show, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said,

"Dig was our way into Amanda Waller, and in this episode, Amanda comes to Dig and Lyla, and she recruits Dig for a mission, and tells him he's going to need a team -- and she saddles him with the Suicide Squad."

Originally created in 1959 and revamped in 1987, the Suicide Squad from DC Comics is a team of villains who are recruited by the government to take on covert operations work in exchange for commuted prison sentences. The name of the unit comes from the fact that the missions are usually extremely dangerous and basically suicide. Membership in the group has rotated over the years, but Amanda Waller has always been a key figure and both Bronze Tiger and Deadshot were included as original members of the 1987 revamp.

What do you think of this grouping of villainous heroes? Are you excited to see the unit in action and seeing them interact with Stephen Amell's Arrow? Watch the Amanda Waller/Bronze Tiger clip from "Tremors" below and then tell us what you think in the comments section.

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