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Arrow's Women Are All Action In Latest Season 3 Trailer

We're closing in on the month countdown to the return of Arrow. The latest preview to circulate for Season 3 offers a hint of romance, plenty of action, a lot of girl power and just a smidge of villain...

Let's hear it for the women in Arrow! This preview, which is making the rounds online -- hat tip to EW -- shows some of the strong female characters flexing their badass muscles. That includes Sarah in a fight...


Expect to see Caity Lotz in at least three episodes in Season 3. Could be more.

And then there's Laurel getting rough with this guy in the hospital...


And Thea getting rough with... something...


It's not just the women that are in on the action. Oliver is getting it done too. Not only do we see him pouncing on top of a truck, and later telling someone they failed this city -- the perfect line to make us all really wish it was October already -- but he's also moving in for what looks like a serious kiss with Felicity...


#Olicity, #Finally.

Not to be a Debbie-downer here, but I'm not banking on Oliver and Felicity's romance lasting. My guess is that it's something Oliver's going to try and he's going to figure out sooner rather than later that it'll only put Felicity in more danger. See the Season 3 trailer (specifically the 2:14 mark) for evidence to support that theory.

Moving on to the villain, this glimpse of Peter Stormare isn't new (see that Season 3 trailer again), but it still gives us Vertigo...

Peter Stormare

Also a craving for pancakes, but that's a Fargo problem.

CW has Arrow set to premiere Season 3 on Wednesday, October 8.

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