The View sans Barbara Walters has been missing a little spark. A fall and then a bout of chickenpox kept the 83-year-old star away from the small screen for almost a month. When the woman was initially injured on January 20, the veteran journalist was expected to have to skip President Obama’s second inauguration, but she also hoped to return to work fairly soon. Now, over a month later, she’s ready to get back into the game.

On Tuesday, Walters called in to the famous early morning talk show, where Whoopi Goldberg and the rest of the cast have been keeping viewers updated on Walters’ progress. Walters is set to return to the game on March 4 and, according to the LA Times, the TV personality is more than ready to return to return to her day job.
"I haven't been contagious for a while, but they wanted me to have rest, and I've had enough rest and I'm ready to come back."

Walters initially suffered a fall on January 20 and was subsequently taken to a hospital in Washington D.C. She was later taken to a hospital in New York and it was in that hospital that it was confirmed she had chickenpox, a disease that can prove to be vicious when contracted in adults rather than in children. Her age and her symptoms both explain her elongated stay in bed.

However, the woman is ready to get back on her feet, now, and TV Blend would like to wish Walters the very best as she transitions back into work.

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