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Bates Motel Preview Gives Us A Sneak Peek At A&E's Creepy New Drama

"Norman has been through a lot. He's a sensitive boy," Norma Bates can be heard in the new promotional video for the re-imagining of the classic horror story Psycho, which will focus on Norman Bates in his younger years. A&E has the series slated to premiere in March, and the cable channel has already begun promoting it. First, it was a couple of creepy teasers and some photos from the series premiere. Now we have a video that gives us a peek at the series and takes a behind-the-scenes look at the drama.

Bates Motel comes from Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin and stars Freddie HIghmore as Norman Bates, with Vera Farmiga set to play his mother Norma. The video below looks at the drama and features some of the cast and Cuse talking about the series.

The cast seems especially enthusiastic about the writing, with talk about crazy turns, suspense and emotional characters. As if to emphasize that, we're given a few glimpses of the drama and suspense that awaits in the series.

Horror seems to be on the rise for TV dramas these days. I couldn't help but think there was some similarity with the jarring music used at the start of the video and the theme some to American Horror Story. As a fan of the FX drama, and of the growing trend in mixing scary with drama in TV shows, I'm eager to see what Bates Motel brings to the table for the genre.

As the video states, Bates Motel will premiere this March. Check out the photos, previously released teasers and more information here.

Kelly West
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