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If you were looking to check into A&E’s reimagining of the world behind Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, now’s the chance, as the network has released two new teasers for the upcoming second season of Bates Motel, slated to hit the network in March. And, hoo lawd, are they unsettling as all get out. Seriously — Vera Farmiga doesn’t have to do much to creep us out, but these new clips don’t hurt that feeling either.

The highly inventive series stars Freddie Highmore alongside the aforementioned Farmiga, and will see the unsettling creepiness continue in its second turn. Following the events of season one (which is currently available on DVD), where we saw Norman grappling with what the dark feelings inside of him mean, fixation and obsession continue to bubble up around the characters.

Now, spoiler alert for anyone not caught up on the first season, but the ambient clips paint a picture that proves the goings-on in White Pine Bay will continue to cause strife for the Bates family, and places Dylan Bates (Max Thieriot) in the middle of some very dangerous doings. We’ve also been told the death of Ms. Cooke and Norman’s subsequent blackout will be discussed. (Sorry, Norma, but you’ve got a psycho in your house. Woops!)

But it’s not all gloom and doom on the series (OK, so maybe it is a lot of gloom and doom); there are some seriously meaty guest stars reserving room on season two — particularly to further Norma’s storyline along. Dissecting this mother-son relationship needs a lot of back up, you guys. Which is why the series has tapped names like Alias star Michael Vartan (Greg, a new love interest for Norma), Hung’s Rebecca Creskoff as Norma’s first female friend Christine, and Sons of Anarchy’s Kenny Johnson as Norma’s estranged and abusive brother Caleb. All of this will, assumedly, help push the psychological aspects and nuances of the story forward. After all — as it states in the official behind the scenes trailer — as Executive Producer Carlton Cuse explains below, season two “is bigger” and “more dramatic” than ever.

Other guest starring roles have gone to the likes of Boss star Kathleen Robertson (mum’s the word on what her role might be), Percy Jackson’s Paloma Kwiatkowski (who has the unlucky fortune of playing a potential love interest for Norman), and Grey’s Anatomy’s Michael O’Neill, who will play Miss Watson’s less-than-fatherly father.

For fans hoping for more exclusive treats, they can head over to BuzzFeed for another look at the upcoming season, including a new poster.

Bates Motel re-opens for business March 3, 2014 on A&E.

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