Back when Glee was just some promising new show on Fox and not a marketing behemoth that no one can escape, the show's creator figure it might be worth handing over the reins for one episode to Baz Luhrmann, the musical-friendly director behind Strictly Ballroom and of course Moulin Rouge! Luhrmann couldn't take him up on the offer at the time but word got out, and today in Entertainment Weekly Luhrmann is explaining the rumors that he might direct an episode of the show with a sad "probably not":

I’d still love to do an episode, just for fun. But right as I speak to you now, I’m working on the live stage production of Strictly Ballroom in the afternoon, and I’m casting Jordan [in his film adaptation of The Great Gatsby] in the morning. I just find myself a busy man. So the answer is yes, if there were two of me, I’d love to do it. But I feel like they don’t need me.

Luhrmann's not lying about being really busy-- he recently cast Carey Mulligan in the lead of his Great Gatsby movie, which I honestly believed might not ever happen, and is promoting the new release of the Strictly Ballroom special edition DVD. Plus Glee is more about the guest stars, not the guest directors, so maybe Luhrmann feels he wouldn't be quite as appreciated as he would have been at the beginning of the run. Either way, don't hold your breath for now, and let the endless list of Glee guest stars entertain you in the meantime.

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