Ever since the announcement was made that Beyonce, in partnership with HBO, was putting together a documentary following her home life and career, the subscription cable network has been good about getting potential footage out there for fans to take a sneak peek. So far, we’ve seen a lot of footage resembling home movies, which is consistent with the way Beyonce has been directing her own documentary. Now, HBO has the newest teaser available for the endeavor, which seems to be rolling with the title (or the tagline) Life Is But A Dream.

Quite frankly, the short, 30-second segment is not really different than the other teaser fans have been privy to. We get some flashes from the singer and actress out in public and performing, as well as a shot of her cutely pregnant stomach (How do some women do that?). In fact, if you’ve seen the initial teaser, you’ve pretty much seen the same footage that’s available in this one.

The real addition is the Life Is But A Dream moniker, which shows up around the 25-second mark. HBO hasn’t officially announced that this will be the title of Beyonce’s first stab at directing, but the teaser sort of implies that’s what she and HBO are rolling with. If a pop star telling her story and shaky camera footage is your thing, you’ll be able to catch the documentary when it premieres on HBO on February 16, 2013.

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