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The Big Bang Theory Watch: The Toast Derivation

Camaraderie often comes with traditions. Whether it’s dining at one’s house once a week, or meeting up at a favorite bar after work, or simply just showing up unannounced at someone’s apartment, these things turn into normalcy due to the power and repetition that come with friendship. Sheldon, a man so prone to maintaining this homeostasis and repetition, expectedly has a few qualms when his friends’ routines start to divert. In tonight’s “The Toast Formulation” we saw just how needy Sheldon can be and why he fits so perfectly into this niche he and his friends have made.

Sheldon spends most of his time either whining, moping, or desperately clinging on to those he seems to push away. Since Leonard is now dating Raj’s sister, Priya, most of their gatherings occur over at Raj’s. This change of scenery sparks the show’s tone; while Leonard’s and Sheldon’s apartment has become a great haven for geekery on Thursday nights, it’s nice to know that these characters can comfortably exist elsewhere. Sheldon, however, is most uncomfortable with this change, as Raj’s television is marred by numerous dead pixels. Sheldon explicitly laments, and no one cares. Why should they? That’s all he seems to do anyway; for this group of friends, that’s part of their routine. They don’t like putting up with Sheldon, but they do out of comfort’s sake.

After consulting with a deadpan Penny and an encouraging Amy, Sheldon comes to realize that Leonard is the nucleus of their gang. Wherever he goes, everyone else goes. Hoping to make Leonard jealous, Sheldon decides to have some “friends” over, purposefully excluding Leonard. However, this plan is of no avail because it fails to phase Leonard; he knows this is a mere temper tantrum from Sheldon, stemming from his jealousy and resentment towards everyone’s lack of companionship.

In a hilarious and hyperbolic moment for Sheldon, he declares that it is the end for him and Leonard. Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki spar in a passive aggressive engagement that shows just how close they’ve become as actors and as characters. Sheldon’s party loses its novelty as the others express interest in things that he finds worthless. Comparatively, the others who are over at Raj’s admittedly wish that Sheldon was there with them. By recounting some of his most famous moments, the gang realizes how valuable he is as a team member.

At last, Sheldon comes over to Raj’s and restores their homeostasis. By embellishing the night with his condescension, everyone is at ease with normalcy. The core of the The Big Bang Theory’s credibility comes from the idea that Sheldon can be accepted as a human being by other humans. Those who aren’t too familiar with the show must find their friendship incredulous, but after some scrutiny and faith, one can see that it’s not all that far fetched. For strange yet entirely believable reasons, they all need each other.