Big Brother 12: And The Saboteur Is...

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And the Saboteur is... Gone!

I’m sure there are some Big Brother historians there who can confirm or correct this but was this the shortest-lived twist in Big Brother history? The Saboteur was supposed to make it to Week 5, but tonight we saw Annie evicted and after learning that she was the Saboteur, that means the big twist of the season is kaput. It didn't even seem like the saboteur thing had all that much to do with her eviction as there didn't seem to be a lot of talk about her being at the top of anyone's list. (Feed-watchers, did the feeds tell another story, there?)

Annie went up on the block to replace Brendon, who saved himself with his Veto. Matt and the rest of the “Brigade” alliance credited themselves for running the show this week. Now, I’d agree that they deserve to pat themselves heartily on the back if they had managed to run the house from outside the HoH room. That always takes a fair amount of skill and finesse (when an alliance manages to manipulate the HoH without exposing themselves or self-destructing) but the HoH (Hayden) is in the Brigade alliance, so really, how hard was it to get Annie nominated? They can’t even take credit for having that opportunity as Brendon was their primary target from the get-go and he took himself off the block by winning the Veto.

Annie didn’t react well when Brendon seemed to be siding with his make-out buddy Rachel, instead of her and took it out on him by declaring their alliance done in front of the rest of the house. Later, Brendon interrupted his make-out session with Rachel to stress about things going south with Annie. He seemed more concerned about the loss of friendship than how it could affect his game. Sure, Rachel had a point when she reacted by pointing out that she’s on the block too but in the end, she really came off sounding jealous and insecure when she noted that Brendon only knew Annie for eight days. This, after stating that after only nine days, she likes Brendon more than she likes people she’s known for years. (Take that, Rachel’s friends!)

We got to see how Annie pulled off her saboteur tasks, which included the padlock thing, taping the pictures on the memory wall and putting a beeping device around the house and annoying people. There was also a new recording, which had her lying to the houseguests about having escaped eviction this week.

I think it may have been a matter of getting under the wrong people’s skin that did Annie in in the end. She had some good arguments that might have saved her if anyone really wanted to but it didn’t seem like anyone was willing to make a deal with her to keep her around. So either the rest of the house is secure enough with their own early-alliances and friendships, or they don’t think Annie’s worth putting their neck out for. She tried outing Brendon for being smarter than he let on and tonight during her pre-vote speech, she reminded the houseguests of how Jeff brought Jordan to the end and how Brendon and Rachel are the strongest alliance in the house right now. It didn’t seem to make a difference as they unanimously voted to evict Annie.

So the Saboteur is gone and the big twist is over. Annie’s brief interview with Julie included some catty words from Britney during her farewell message, in which she put down Annie’s clothes and make-up. Rachel stated she was happy Annie left because she was trying to come between her and “her man.” Annie’s response to this was to tell Julie and the audience that Brendon came on to her before he hit on Rachel. Whether that’s the case or not, I don’t know (and I won’t be losing any sleep over it).

The HoH competition had the houseguest answering questions based on what they thought the majority of the house would answer. It came down to a three way tie and Rachel came out the winner. There will most likely be a few houseguests wishing they hadn’t voted the way they did tonight but in the end, whether they liked or disliked Annie, I don’t think anyone can say that they would’ve been better off booting Rachel this week. Maybe Annie was right about Brendon and Rachel’s alliance being a big threat but Annie was possibly an even bigger threat (if Big Brother was planning on having her do more exciting, game-damaging things other than putting tape on the memory wall or locking the storage room).

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