Big Brother 13 Video: Watch Lawon's Exit Interview With Julie Chen

If you caught last night’s episode of Big Brother, then you know that, due to the twist of a houseguest returning to the game, there wasn’t time for the evicted houseguest's exit interview with Julie Chen. Given the circumstances surrounding Lawon’s eviction, I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to hear what he had to say immediately after leaving the BB house. CBS posted the interview online today and you can watch it here…

Last night, I compared Lawon’s choice to volunteer to be evicted to Big Brother 3’s Marcellas’ decision not to use the Veto (which resulted in being evicted). When Marcellas left the Big Brother house, host Julie Chen greeted him by promptly smacking him on the back of the head with her index cards. Chen’s reaction to Lawon is similar, though she opts to wrap her hands around his neck when he sits down to be interviewed, mock-choking him for having made such a terrible mistake.

Either because he’s nervous or because he’s just a chatty guy, Lawon’s reactions to what he did this week in the BB house are a bit on the rambly side. It’s evident he realizes he messed up, having volunteered to be evicted, believing he'd be able to return to the house with some special powers. Instead, following his eviction, he was set to compete with previously evicted houseguest Brendon for a spot in the house. Brendon won his way back in and Lawon was out the door.

It’s the super-powers thing that gets me. Not only did Lawon not consider that there might be something more to the twist that suggested the evicted houseguest may return to the game, but he somehow got it into his head that he’d be able to return with some kind of power. In the interview above, he seems to imply that he thinks the producers might have offered the returning houseguest special powers, had he not mentioned the idea out loud.

There’s a lesson to be learned here. What’s better than being in the Big Brother house with a super power? Not being evicted. Live and learn, Lawon! At least he has a good attitude about the whole thing. He definitely gets points for that.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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