Big Brother 14 Interviews: Britney Says No One Was Going To Vote For Dan

Another Big Brother season has ended. There are no more live feeds. No more competitions. No more scheming and sneaky arcade-room whisper chats. With a winner crowned last night, all that's left is to see the contestants discuss the series from a post-game perspective. CBS posted the videos featuring former Big Brother contestant Jeff Schroeder (of "Jeff and Jordan" fame) interviewing the houseguests in the backyard.

Seems like Jeff managed to secure himself a couple of All Stars 2 alliances. Before you get excited, there's no official word on a second All Stars season (it all sounds hypothetical), but the topic did come up, and let's face it, if they were to do another season with a house full of former contestants, it's likely that fans would want to see Jeff, Dan and Frank among the assortment. Jeff chatted up the houseguests in the backyard last night, and the topic of working together came up between Jeff and Dan and also Jeff and Frank.

In this one, Jeff talks to Dan about how he played the game, getting himself misted in the process…

"When I walk in this house, I leave my morals at the door and I do whatever I can while I'm in this house," Dan told Jeff. "When I come back in, Jeff, we're buddies. You're not trying to kick me out of my house and my wife. We're friends. But in this house, people wanted me out. I was a big target from Day 1 and I had to do what I had to do to stay. And I have no regrets about that. If I offended people, I'm sorry. But at the end of the day, I'm playing a game."

Dan's fast-talking speech seems a bit prepared, but that's Dan, and it makes sense. As I was Team Dan, I'll defend his antics not only because they were entertaining, but because I'm of the "It's a game" mindset. I'm only disappointed his tactics didn't earn him a win this time around. The grand prize went to Ian, who still seemed in shock when he spoke with Jeff last night…

Ian seems like he's taking his win well. But knowing he's a fan of the series, I wonder how he'll feel about the season in general once he sees the show and watches how Dan played. Janelle brought that up in her interview with Jeff, not speaking about Ian specifically but about the jury and how they didn't get to see the show or what Dan did to get to the end.

"Obviously, the jury members didn't get to see the show and what Dan did, so they voted for Ian. And that's unfortunate," Janelle says. I'm inclined to agree with her. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced the jury had already decided on Ian as the winner before the finale even started. If it had been Dan and Danielle, Dan might have had a chance. It's hard to say, but Ian may have been the easier choice for the jurors because he hasn't won already and he didn't do nearly as much back-stabbing as Dan did. From what Britney told Jeff, no one was going to vote for Dan…

Britney says you could have put Dan next to a "can of ketchup" and the ketchup would have won. "No one was gonna vote for Dan," she said. "Like nobody, except for maybe me, and that was it." The fact that she voted for Ian suggests to me that the house went in on this as a group. And once again, I'm convinced that the jury-questions happening during finale night did some serious damage to Dan's chances. Maybe he never had a chance, but if he did, he would've needed a bit more time to plead his case and the jury would've needed more than a few minutes to consider his side before voting. Alas, that wasn't the case. When Jeff interviewed Danielle, she seemed most intent on talking about Shane. Clearly she's looking to pursue that relationship now that the game is over.

The subject of Danielle and their relationship didn't really come up when Jeff interviewed Shane, but when he was interviewed on the live feeds SuperPass interview last night, it didn't seem like he was feeling positive about things working out with Danielle. He mentioned something about the distance between Alabama and Vermont. Speaking of the SuperPass interviews, when the interviewer told Danielle that Dan told Shane "She's been playing you this whole time," her jaw dropped. And I mean dropped. (Update: Watch it here). She was stunned by that. I'm thinking Dan and Danielle are going to have to have a long talk. I'm just sad we won't get to watch it! I'll miss the misting!

And here's Jeff's interview with Frank, during which they talk about teaming up. I actually wouldn't mind seeing these two in The Amazing Race.

'We're gonna be teaming up together," Frank said of himself and Jeff. "If you see us on the show, you just better be looking out for us." Jeff seemed agreeable. "I'm not saying I'm going back on. I'm not saying we're invited back on. But, you never know." Jeff said.

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