Things took a rather large turn in the Big Brother house, thanks in part to a few twists and some serious gaming on the part of a certain player. The following update is based on what's been revealed in the live feeds, and is very spoilery, so if you'd rather wait until Wednesday night's Veto episode airs, read no further!

The report below is based on things I've seen on the live feeds, and have read in reports (thanks!). It contains spoilers, opinion and speculation based on what's been revealed and reported from the live feeds from Sunday (8/26) through Monday (8/27).

From what I've gathered, based on the feed reports, and my own recent obsession with the live feeds (yes, I caved and got them), Jenn won the Veto in the actual Veto competition. As Ian also had a Veto (the Veto ball he won in the arcade game), that put two Vetos in the game this week. Dan and Danielle were nominated for eviction, as was revealed Sunday night. And since the Veto competition had the houseguests taking punishments in exchange for points, Dan ended up spending 24 hours in solitary confinement. For another houseguest, 24 hours of alone-time might not be a good thing, but Dan has proven to be a very strategic player, and he used the downtime to his advantage, scheming a way to get himself off the block.

Feed reports state that Dan emerged from solitary confinement and conducted a "funeral" for himself, in which he said something to each houseguest. From the sound of it, he was mostly nice, though he did say something to Danielle that implied that she'd betrayed him and he was dead to her in the game. He left her to cry, while the rest of the house (except Frank) consoled her and tried to figure out what the spectacle was all about. Dan claimed he was done talking game with anyone, and asked to speak with Frank in private, taking his Bible with him. And that's when his plan was in full swing.

In a way that few players can, Dan managed to get through to Frank, mainly by throwing Ian under the bus for playing numerous sides of the house. Frank seemed to think it was Dan manipulating Ian. And Dan had kept his mouth shut about Ian's sneakiness prior, silently taking the blame from Boogie and Frank. Dan used that Sunday night to convince Frank that Ian was not only playing multiple sides of the house, but that he and Britney were also growing much closer and that Ian basically had himself covered from every angle in the house. Frank couldn't put Ian on the block (his Veto ball protected him), but he could nominate Britney. To do that, they had to convince Jenn to use her Veto. And to do that, they needed to get Danielle on board. So Dan sealed a deal with Frank (without diary rooms, it's unclear how genuine this deal is, but they shook hands), and the two set out to carry out their plan.

Dan apologized to Danielle, who was still crying and upset. He assured her that what he said was just for show and that he wasn't upset with her over anything (though it seems the excuse he had to be mad at her had something to do with her going for points in the Veto competition instead of throwing it to him as she was supposed to - not sure if he is genuinely upset about that though). He told her most of the plan he had with Frank (I don't recall him specifying any end-game deals with Danielle.) and she was on board to convince Jenn to use her Veto.

Conversations were had and the next day, Britney was blindsided during the Veto ceremony (Jenn used the Veto to take Dan off and Britney was put up). Frank apparently said something to Shane just before the Veto ceremony that something big was happening, but Shane thought that meant he was going up as a replacement nominee. Britney had no idea she was in danger, and after the Veto ceremony, took most of her anger out on Dan behind his back. He was steering clear of her to give her some place, as Dan does. Plus, I think (just speculating here) that he was happy to let her stew and bash him openly. Some of Dan's best work in Season 10 was done when the house was against him. Britney made a lot of jokes, did a lot of complaining about Dan playing for himself, and though she kept saying she wasn't bitter, said some rude things about Dan because of what he did. I think she wanted to argue with him, but when they did finally start to talk, it was evident he wasn't going to be baited into an argument. He mostly kept saying he hoped they could be friends outside the house.

Britney talked a bit with Dan later last night when she'd calmed down, and in a conversation with Danielle, it seemed like she was able to see that Dan's back was against the wall. He could've either let the whole house evict him and not fight, or make a move to save himself. It seems like she realizes he did what he had to do to stay, though she obviously would've preferred he threw someone else under the bus in the process. In the meantime, while she's saying she doesn't want to campaign against Danielle (she's said numerous times that she's had her chance to play this game and doesn't want to take anything away from Danielle), I have a feeling she's going to start campaigning. And I don't think it would take much to win the votes. Right now it's likely that Jenn and Dan would vote against Britney. And Shane seems to be leaning toward keeping Danielle. Ian has said already he wants to vote to save Britney. And Joe will likely go wherever the majority is (at first he seemed pro-Britney but later a converesation with Frank swayed him the other way). So it's hard to say. It's not a lock that Briney will go, that's for sure.

And speaking of Ian, he and Frank had a little spat following the Veto ceremony. Frank said he heard from numerous people that Dan said he would rat Ian out. (We saw Dan say this during the hunt for quarters outside). So that was a way to sort of deflect the automatic assumption that Dan outright exposed Ian or formed an alliance with Frank. Meanwhile, Ian and Frank seemed to smooth things over later that day and Frank mentioned something to Ian about it being a good thing that people think they're mad at each other, so who knows where their relationship is right now? (Diary room footage will hopefully explain that).

Once again, the above report is based on what I've seen on the feeds and what others have reported. There's always more to the story, and we'll know much more once we see the Veto competition and ceremony on Wednesday night, not to mention the diary sessions, which will give us a better idea of what's going on in everyone's heads. I'll be especially interested in seeing if any of Britney's post-nomination ranting was strategic. She's not really a sneaky player, so I'm guessing she was just blowing off steam, but I want to hear that she wants to fight to stay in the house.

Right now, Britney seems oblivious to the fact that Danielle was in on the plan to get her nominated, but if she somehow caught wind of that, it would be on. And speaking of Danielle, she has continued to sniffle and complain about how Dan treated her, and as far as I can tell few have even considered the idea that she's playing that up. I think Joe expressed that theory - he was also on to Dan plotting against his own alliance, but no one seemed to take his theories and perceived paranoia all that seriously.

Dan seems to be taking the brunt of the blame for what happened (never mind that it was Jenn's choice to use the Veto or Frank's choice to put Britney up, or Ian's fault for being sneaky). And right now he seems to be the biggest target in the house, which may actually be a good thing if he can use it to his advantage, as he did in Season 10.

In the meantime, Dan flipped the house big time, and now it'll either be Britney or Danielle going home. It was probably his first really big move of the season, and hopefully it won't be his last! Tune in Wednesday night to see how Dan goes renegade on the Big Brother 14 house!

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