This is it people! Big Brother's fourteenth season comes to an end tonight. Will it be the college kid, the nurse or the past winner? It's still anyone's game. The live feeds offered us some interesting hints about tonight's finale, including one houseguest practicing their jury speech and one growing suspicious about another's plans.

Spoilers ahead!

Dan and Ian will face off in the final Head of Household tonight, and whoever wins will decide the last eviction and who they want to take to the final two. (More details on the first two HoH parts and some pre-finale planning here.)

We can't be entirely certain who is planning what. On the surface, it appears Dan and Ian have agreed on taking each other to the Final 2. They have made a solid Renegades pact and ensured each other numerous times that they will definitely take each other. But there's no way of knowing for sure if they're planning on sticking to that. Dan has mentioned aloud (to himself) that he might have to throw the last HoH competition to let Ian win. Ian would (hopefully) take Dan to the end, and Dan wouldn't have to be the one to evict Danielle.

Danielle thinks Dan will take her to the end if he wins the last HoH. That's been the plan the whole time from her perspective. It seems to have occurred to her that he might be thinking about throwing the competition to Ian. She asked him about this last night and of course, he denied it. They sat at the table and went over the different tie-breaker questions that might come up (how many minutes, hours or seconds have they been in the house). Danielle might just be feeling a bit paranoid, since she has no chance of taking herself to the end, but asking Dan about throwing the final comp shows she is actually paying attention - or at the very least, she sees that it might benefit him to do that. Which it does.

Later, there was some talk between Dan and Ian about "collateral." From what was said, it sounds like this is something Dan did with Memphis. It sounds like they traded something that was dear to them, which they'll trade back once one takes the other to the Final 2. It sounds like a more solid way to seal their agreement than a pinky-promise at the very least.

There was some chatter and reminiscing between the final three. Tension in the house was minimal. And then they all went to bed. A little while later, Dan got out of bed and went outside to practice his jury speech. As he started running through the things he planned to say, he soon realized he wasn't going to have enough time to say everything in the minute-and-a-half he'd have to state his case. He actually went inside to the storage room, found the stopwatch and returned to the couches outside to run through his speech, over and over. Here are a few things he's trying to squeeze into the speech:
    He wants to credit Britney. Says he underestimated her as a coach and a player.
    He wants to credit Joe for seeing through his funeral when no one else did.
    He might mention coming into the house cocky and being "forced" to change his game to a more ruthless game.
    He wants to make sure he "strokes" Frank, Ashley, Joe, Shane and Britney. (He notes that he has only 10 seconds for each of them).
    He wants to explain the point of the funeral (that it blinded Britney from his plans, tricked the houseguests into thinking he was not on good terms with Danielle, and made him hated and a better candidate to be brought to the end).
    He wants to point out that Ian didn't start the Quack Pack - reminding or revealing that Ian was only brought in as a fifth to the alliance between Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane.

That last point could indicate that Dan's planning on going to the end with Ian (meaning he's either going to throw the last HoH or take Ian if he wins it). Or maybe he was just adding that on in the event that Ian wins and takes him. He also mentioned something about not having Ian's photographic memory. And I didn't hear him make any specific comments that indicated he might be sitting next to Danielle. It's technically still possible that he'll take Danielle, but right now, all evidence points to a Dan/Ian Final 2 (unless Ian is secretly planning to take Danielle but that would be a major surprise at this point). As a fan of both guys, I'd actually love to see Ian and Dan in the finale, so my hopeful thinking might be a tiny factor here, but I haven't seen much evidence that Dan plans to take Danielle, other than that he's told her he will IF he wins.

Dan sitting around practicing his jury speech is more evidence of the kind of player he is. Everything is part of the game. Granted, Ian takes a lot of solo-time on the hammock and he's sometimes talking quietly to himself. So he could have worked on his own jury speech too. I just find it fascinating to watch Dan work himself up, stopwatch in hand, and really plan out how he's going to try to win this game. If he loses tonight, it certainly won't be due to lack of preparation or effort.

Trying to predict who will win seems impossible. But let's break down the scenarios:

Dan vs. Ian - Toughest call to make. Both have played good games. Ian's biggest plays are likely to be getting Frank out of the house (something the houseguests had been trying to do for weeks) and creating the Quack Pack. But it sounds like Dan has the QP reveal up his sleeve, which could diminish that accomplishment for Ian. Still, the Frank eviction and multiple competition wins boost Ian's case. I wouldn't say Ian played the best social game, but I think that, of the houseguests, Frank, Jenn and Danielle might be the only three people who have issues with him enough to vote against him - assuming they're voting emotionally (I like to think Jenn will vote based on strategy). Dan has played a really cutthroat game this season, and against Ian, he might come off looking like the villain - not to mention the fact that he's already won this game. In that case, Ian would win. But if the houseguests are voting based on strategic moves, it's really anyone's game. Ian could definitely win, but I wouldn't be surprised if Dan managed to beat him anyway.

Ian vs. Danielle - If Ian surprises us and takes Danielle to the end, I think he has a chance at winning it. Doing the math from an in-house perspective, Danielle has more friends on the jury. But that's assuming none of them have turned on her since their eviction. It's possible they have talked to one another about things that have gone on in the house. If Frank or Jenn have told Britney that Danielle actively participated in Britney's nomination (which led to her eviction), Britney might not be so happy with Danielle. And if Shane thinks Danielle played him to get to the end, he might not vote in her favor either. I also think Ian would do better with the jury during the questioning with Danielle.

Dan vs. Danielle - Again, I know it seems like Danielle has more friends on the jury, but I still see Danielle coming out in second. Or at the very least, it's a toss up. But Dan has the argument that he guided Danielle - "his player" - to the end. Danielle would have a hard time arguing that she got there on her own merits against Dan.

It's hard to put a lot of stock in how the finalists do with the jury anymore, though. They used to speak to the jury before the finale. It was taped and edited as a segment for the last episode. Back then the houseguests presumably had more time to talk to the jury, and the jury definitely had more time to think about what was said and hash it out with one another. Doing the jury-questions during the live episode seems like a lot of too-little-too-late. I can't imagine many jurors come out onto that stage without their minds already made up, so what's really going to be said to change that? Still, you never know. We'll have to wait and see how things play out. Will Dan be the first Big Brother player to ever win the show twice? Or will super-fan Ian take the win? And there's always a chance Danielle could make it to the end.

The live feeds just went off and I'm not sure they'll be coming back, so this is likely our last Live Feed update of the season. Thanks for reading and check back in with us tonight! We'll have a final write-up posted after the episode ends!

Who do you hope wins?

Does Dan Gheesling deserve to win Big Brother?

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