After last night's double-eviction episode sent two Big Brother players out the door, we were left to wonder who would become the next Head of Household. Or maybe we weren't. Because no matter who wins it, an Exterminator will be in power. McCrae is a marked man and he doesn't even know it. I blame the showmance for this, but we'll get to that in a minute. Before we move forward, here's the usually LIVE FEED SPOILER ALERT. The following article contains spoilers from the feeds following last night's live episode!

Moving on, Spencer won Head of Household. The HoH comp had something to do with houseguest faces, I think, and there were punishments given out to the losers, at least one of which involved GinaMarie and McCrae getting tethered together by a friendship bracelet.

The only real significance to Spencer's win is that he's safe for the week, and for once, he won't be a pawn next Thursday night. During last night's Watch With Dan webisode, the former BB winner said someone referred to Spencer as "the kiss of death," and that's kind of true. During eviction night, Spencer has sat next to six different evicted houseguests this season. Though he's gotten up to some shady dealings in the house, especially when he was working with Howard, no one's ever really targeted him, which made him the ultimate pawn. If you're on the block and sitting next to Spencer, you're going home.

The problem with this for him means he's done very little in the house to get to where he is in this game. Even this HoH win might look like too-little-too-late in terms of power moves, since there isn't really much he can do with it on an individual level. If he makes it to the end, he's going to have a hard time convincing people that he's done much to earn it. On the flip side, he could end up winning if the jury turns out to be particularly bitter. If someone like GinaMarie or Andy makes it to the end with Spencer, the jury might decide to reward Spencer for being nicer and less deceiving than his opponent. GM's rubbed some people the wrong way, and Andy's lied up and down and betrayed people. This is not to say that neither of them can win, but if the jury wants to reward the lesser of two evils, Spencer has a good shot at winning. He also has a good shot at being taken to the end because every other player in the house likes him and might actually think they stand a better chance of arguing that they played a better game than he did.

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