Remember Thursday night when Julie brought up the subject of making big moves? Well, Aaryn's making a big move during her latest Head of Household term, but is it the right one? The following article contains Big Brother 15 live feed spoilers! If you don't want to know who Aaryn nominated for eviction today, read no further! We also have some information on the Have/Have-Not situation.

Ok, you've been warned…

First and foremost, Aaryn put up Helen and Elissa for eviction. The short and skinny is that she told Helen she's targeting Elissa, who we know doesn't get along with Aaryn. Aaryn's explanation for nominating Helen along with Elissa was that she wants Elissa out and she knows Helen and Elissa are in an alliance. But unbeknownst to Helen, there's major talk about getting her out this week. Aayrn, Andy, Amanda and McCrae talked about it yesterday after the live episode - after Amanda pouted over not winning again.

Back to the plan to evict Helen, I think it's tentative until the Veto is played and won. I get the impression they don't want to go full force on evicting Helen until they know for sure that they can. If Helen wins the Veto, they may target Elissa. Spencer's name is also being tossed around, but that's always the case, and I don't think Aaryn wants to nominate him again.

From what I've seen, Aaryn has not revealed the plan to evict Helen to GinaMarie, which makes it hard to tell for sure what her true goal is. GinaMarie and Aaryn share a mutual dislike of Elissa. And I heard some chatter about Elissa telling them to their faces that she didn't want to sit near them during the live show. Granted, their version of the story could have been exaggerated, and I'd love it if this incident was actually featured during Sunday's episode just so we can see what exactly was said. But going on hearsay entirely, it doesn't surprise me. Elissa's strikes me as a good person with a moral compass that points due north, but her social game has been sloppy from the start. I would believe she'd tell someone she didn't want to sit next to them for no other reason than to emphasize the fact that she doesn't like them. And doing it before the next Head of Household competition was just obvious bad timing.

I'd honestly love to see what happens to Elissa if Helen is evicted first, considering how much navigating Helen's done to keep Elissa's game on track. On the subject of Elissa, she's made some comments (or at least one comment that's been repeated) that if she's evicted, she's not sticking around for Jury. Meaning she'll walk. Now, granted, she has kids, and I have no idea how parents make it through the summer with no contact with their children on this show, so I get her eagerness to walk away from this experience if and when her shot at the money is gone, especially considering this experience hasn't exactly been a barrel of laughs for her. With that said, it always makes me cringe to hear houseguests talking about self-evicting or bailing on the jury, considering how many people would love to be on the show, and in Elissa's case, how much support she's gotten from fans of her sister. So hopefully she'll rethink her plan.

As for Have/Have-Nots, America voted for Head Cheese and Habaneros. Jokers reports that GinaMarie, Amanda, Elissa and Helen are Have Nots. I always vote for the good food, mainly because I hate listening to the houseguests complain all week about being hungry and miserable from slop and the "luxury" food they don't want to eat. Like Head Cheese and Habaneros. Then again, maybe someone will work those foods into an edible slop recipe…

So right now, it's looking like Aaryn's sticking with her alliance with McCranda and Andy (McCrandy?) - otherwise known as the 3 a.m. alliance, but I'm reserving full judgment until I see her diary room. On one hand, working with a group to evict a big player like Helen is huge and exciting. But on the other hand, Aaryn might benefit more by targeting someone like Elissa and then claiming Helen's loyalty all for herself. Elissa could be due for an HoH win soon, and if she does, my money's on an Aaryn/GinaMarie nomination with Aaryn as the primary target. Helen, on the other hand, would probably target Amanda and McCrae before Aaryn, even though Aaryn keeps winning comps.

What will be especially interesting is if whoever goes this week comes back due to the twist. Right now, I'm hoping Judd will return, mainly because he got short-changed by the double-eviction and because I think he'd stand the best chance of realigning with key players and actually managing to last more than a week. But if it turns out to be Elissa or Helen, that might be an interesting turn-around.

In other news, if you're looking to reminisce about amazing Big Brother moments from past seasons, check out some great clips here.


The feeds just came back after the Veto competition and it looks like Elissa won. I saw Helen and Elissa celebrating in the bathroom. Sounds like it was the Otev comp.

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