The aftermath of a season of Big Brother usually involves a flurry of press interviews during which the houseguests attempt to comment on things that happened inside the house while also obviously trying to get caught up on the public's perception of the game, the things they didn't know were going on and anything relevant that might have been going on in the outside world. This season was marked by controversy involving numerous racially insensitive comments made by numerous houseguests throughout the summer, so it's no surprise that much of what we're hearing from this season's houseguests is a mixture of game-talk/explanation and vague apologies to whomever they might have offended by whatever comments they might have made. That includes Andy, the winner of Season 15, who spoke out against the comments in his interview with former Big Brother contestant Jeff Schroeder, and said he hoped people didn't associate him with the comments.

On game-talk, Andy spoke about how he crushed GinaMarie when it came time to address the jury. And if you watched the finale and saw his and GinaMarie's final pleas, you know that's not really ego talking. He did out-match her with his words. But Andy had an advantage there, as he pointed out to Jeff. "I'm a public speaking teacher, of course I did!" Andy said with a laugh. "If I wouldn't have crushed her, I would've been very disappointed in myself."

Andy certainly has reason to celebrate, taking home $500,000 and the title of the Season 15 Big Brother winner, after a season of sneaky-game play on his part. I maintain that it's a valid strategy, so I have no complaints about him winning, especially against GinaMarie, another houseguest with reason to apologize for things she said. As was Amanda, who also spoke about the controversy with Jeff…

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