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Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Who Won Part 1 Of The Final Head Of Household Competition?

Last night's episode of Big Brother ended without the start of the first part of the final Head of Household competition. Usually, the three-part Head of Household competition begins with an endurance competition, and the second part is something a little bit physical and a little bit mental. The winner of each part faces off during finale night for Part 3, which has to do with guessing the way jury members answered specific questions. We saw who won the first part of the final Head of Household competition last night. If you don't want to know who it is, read no further!


Part 1 of the HoH competition had the three houseguests holding onto handles as they roller-skated around a circle. Cones were set up as obstacles, making this competition about coordination as much as it was arm strength. ("They were cones!"_ Spencer was out first, leaving Andy and GinaMarie to circle each other until bubbles and foam made it too difficult to keep up. Both were struggling by the time Andy went down, but it looked like Andy had a much harder time with the slippery floor than GinaMarie is. We could argue that GM being an 80s kid might have given her an advantage over Andy, as she may have actually been to a rollerskating party once or twice in her life, but given how well she performed on the log endurance, I think this one came down to her own physical abilities.

So GinaMarie is guaranteed a spot in Part 3 of the final HoH competition, and that should concern both Spencer and Andy, as I think GM could do really well in that question round, assuming Big Brother does it the way they have in the past. It's not always easy to guess how the jurors view the game. Answers to questions like "What did Helen say she regretted more, working with Amanda, or trusting Andy?" aren't always easy to guess. But I feel like GinaMarie would have a good instinct for that kind of thing, so she may have just locked herself a spot in the Final 2.

Spencer and Andy will face off in the second part of the Head of Household competition. We probably won't see that one on the feeds, but we should know who wins it once the feeds come back on. Last year, Part 2 was the building comp. Ian and Danielle had to individually scale a wall that looked like a building and wipe the windows to reveal the faces behind the black stuff. Then they needed to put them in order by eviction. So it's a little bit physical, a little bit mental, and it comes down to speed, which I think gives Andy a big advantage. He'll have to mess something up to lose this one, which is always a possibility.

HoH comp

At this point, I don't even know if Spencer needs to win the next part though. Unless GinaMarie and Andy make some kind of rock-solid deal to take each other -- and I'm not even sure I'd trust Andy to uphold a deal like that -- I see both Andy and GinaMarie taking Spencer to the end. If Spencer wins, who knows who he'll take. he's closer to Andy, I think. But he might decide GinaMarie is his only chance to win. She might be his best bet, especially if the houseguests decide they want to reward Andy for his sneakiness.

We'll keep you posted on who wins Part 2! In the meantime, good news! Big Brother has been renewed for Season 16!

Kelly West
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